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About Me

My Story

It all began in 2002. At the age of sixteen, I started learning web development techniques by creating my first website for a local politician. It was all done in HTML, CSS and JavaScript with no fancy content management system. The traffic to the site was minimal in the beginning, so I needed to spend time researching and learning marketing and SEO.

Jump to 2009. It's crazy to think that I knew almost nothing about social media. I guess I missed the whole MySpace and Facebook craze. I needed to start making a name for myself though, so I needed to jump into action. LinkedIn was my very first platform, which eventually grew to Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and Instagram once it was released a year later.

Finally, scootch to 2011 which was only nine years ago. Blogging was a completely new concept to me. I had no interest in writing and I had no interest in understanding the technical aspect of it. I had an interest in video games. Not much of a hobby, but I sure did love it. After asking other gamers how they shared their interest in it, almost all of them mentioned videos or blogging. So... I buckled down, researched and wrote. There's not much room for growth based on a hobby, but I found the love of writing, interaction and technical knowledge. Over the next eight years and many hours spent on research, I thought it would be cool to teach others how to start their own blog.

What I Do

Other than supporting individuals gain their writing interest, I’ve provided services to individuals and organizations including social media, web design, consulting and virtual assistance.

My personal website will share information I learned along the way, share information about topics I'm passionate about and share information about current and future projects I'm working on.

Technology has drastically changed over the last decade and the importance of having a brand is even higher. As an experienced IT Manager, allow me to help build your brand through the use of social media, web development and marketing strategies.